Reading Critically

The Reading Critically programs pinpoints learner's difficulties and provides a tailor-made program to address each of the learning needs. 

Literacy Diagnosis

Our LIteracy Diagnosis program is a set of comprehensive tests that identifies the child’s area of strength and weakness in literacy. The result of this test will show the child’s reading level. The test will be conducted for 2-3 days. Below are the coverage for each diagnosis day:

Day 1: Phonetic Analysis and Letter- Word/ Sound Identification
Day 2: Word Knowledge (Vocabulary in Isolation and in Context)
Day 3: Reading Comprehension 

Digital Reading Intervention

Our Digital Reading Intervention is a multi-sensory program that works on all the subskills of reading. It trains a learner to read meaningfully as the child also develops accuracy and fluency. The structure that it follows lets the learner use the 3 modalities (Visual- Auditory, Kinesthetic-Motor) for muscle memory, a proven theory for that is found effective for kids with Learning Disabilities. 

We at The Reading House believes that technology greatly impacts a child’s facility to learn. We use a research- based digital program (iSPIRE) that is tested to engage a learner more.

Reading Readines (Ages 3-6)

Our Reading Readiness program teaches young learners the building blocks of reading. This program hones their hand-eye coordination, strengthen their dexterity and learn each letter in a pace that is comfortable for them. 

Reading Collaboratively

The Reading Collaboratively programs promotes genuine love for reading that enables readers to advance their social, cultural and emotional skills. 

Reading Enrichment

Our Reading Enrichment program is for learners who are performing at their expected academic level

It aims to hone their reading skills by exposing them to different genres of reading materials

Book Club

The Reading House Book Club promotes genuine love for reading. Our Book Club is a venue for literature lovers to  appreciate a well written book and  meet different people with different viewpoints. The club can provide cultural, social, spiritual and emotional learning experience to its members.   

Writer's Guild

The Reading House knows that reading and writing are 2-integrated macro skills. The Reading House also offers a writing program that is tailored to the specific needs of each aspiring writer. The program will train writers to collect, develop, revise, edit and publish organized pieces of different genres.

Learning Mindfully

The Learning Mindfully programs are every learner's support line  to cope with the academic demands.

Academic Tutorial

The Reading House offers a combination of homework assistance and support in all the topics covered in the K-12 curriculum

It aims to help learners with their homework and assist them in the demands of the K-12 Curriculum.