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A progress education is desire to meet the academic,
Social andmotional Needs of All student

Meet our Teachers

We at the Reading house, understand the requirement for a comfortable and warm environment to aid the learning environment for the little ones. To aid us in this, Pre School Teachers play a very special role to facilitate the creation of such an environment.

To implement just that, we have a staff of diverse and well trained professionals to provide just the push your child needs. Thanks to their progressive teaching strategies we at the Reading House have been able to provide so many success stories and can provide a promise the same for your child.

Role of teachers in the transitory years of a child’s academic life This progressive teaching is not just limited to the four walls of the classroom, for they help us design a curriculum that adds to the overall development of every child notching down the progress at every point. The person playing the teaching role holds a very important role in the early stages of learning of a child and their subsequent development.

We understand the emotion, and work very hard to become second only to you in understanding the needs of your little one. The one thing that our Pre School teachers work to achieve is to expedite the process of learning by eliminating the unwanted elements that hinder the process thanks to their progressive teaching strategies.

Our teachers

Literacy Center

Cristine Joy Gayondato

Senior Reading Clinician

meet our teachers

Reading Clinician


meet our teachers

Early Childhood Center

Reem Tan

Preschool Lead Teacher/ Lead Tutor

meet our teachers

Lorie Joy R. Armilla

Preschool Assistant Teacher

meet our teachers

Though our work as a learning institute may have started with one idea of Teacher D, it is impossible to expand that without the help of our progressivist teachers.

Early Childhood Center

Deidre “D” Jude M. Taino-


meet our teachers



meet our teachers

Samrah Salazar

Admin Officer

meet our teachers

Progressive learning model

Progressive learning model, proving ideal for a busy executive Another thing that we understand is the plight of working parents, the value of your time and designing our course in a way that uses our hours with your child in the best way possible.

A model of functioning around your schedule while still working towards providing the best possible education to your child. This progressive and flexible attitude is what sets us apart from the others.

meet our teachers

This is the progressive teaching approach is something that we are proud to claim is unique to our establishment which sets us apart from every other conventional or special schools.

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