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To help you decide, let us break down the experiences we have had with our associated parents into sections to help you make the decision.

Why The Reading House?

The 2010 PSA survey revealed that 1.44 million (or 1.57%) Filipinos has a disability. The two biggest age groups that were recorded were 10-14 and 5-9 years old, school aged children. Given these statistics, Department of Education reported that there are only 648 Special Education schools in the entire Philippines.

The disproportion of education providers to the vast number of Special Education cases is the main reason why we opened our center for Franchise.

Our Advantage

The Reading House is loved by children because it is extremely engaging and builds their confidence and self-esteem.
Parents value The Reading House because it provides their children with the most important Digital tools they need to succeed in their studies and personal lives.

Teachers enjoy teaching The Reading House’s Digital programs and are empowered by the methodology. The Reading House’s curriculum complements schools' curricula by strengthening life skills, and improving scholastic achievements in math, language arts, and other core disciplines.


In Brief

Everyday, we receive calls from parents all over the Philippines (and even around the world) telling us that they cannot go to our center because of problems with logistics. There are a lot of areas all around the Philippines to put up our center so what else are you waiting for?

So, the next time you are faced with the question of ‘ how to choose a preschool for your child’, we can promise you can find the answers in the experiences of our alumnus and the parents we are still working with.

CHoose the reading for Your child's bright future

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