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The Reading House best early childhood center designs learning experiences that are child-centered age- appropriate and carefully studied to fit the needs of the student. All activities done inside the classroom aim to challenge the child's cognitive, socio-emotional and physical skills.

The Reading House promotes Early Literacy. The foundations of our Early Childhood Center is anchored on the alphabet.


early childhood center

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early childhood center


early childhood center

Our Scope

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Content Learning Areas
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Thematic Units

6 Content Learning Areas- Language Arts, Sciences, Numeracy, Creative Arts, Socio- Emotional, Motor Skills
Initially a Reading Center, our school promotes a genuine love for reading. We've combined our 6 Learning Areas and Literacy to deliver integrated yet cohesive learning experiences.


At this Pre-school and literacy center we work very hard to provide a close to home open environment where your child is safe to express themselves in front of our teachers and their fellow course mates.
Our well maintained class rooms make sure to take care of more than the education of your child, focusing on the health, safety and emotional development of the kids along the way.

School Building

The School building located in the San Juan area manages a technologically advanced course pioneering in the area, while also maintaining the sanctity of human emotions, human touch and human interaction alive among the peers.
While mentioning the advanced course, we host a variety of reading activities to fit the puzzle pieces for students at every stage of their learning process and make it a point to row their boat in the right direction.

School Teachers

Our teachers work in a manner so organized as to develop a feeling of mutual trust and warmth that the conventional school system is often lacking, providing you and your child to find a place of growth and development without dwelling in the unnecessary pressures of a rat race to victory.

Classroom management

Our school teachers work together with well trained school planners to make the classrooms in a way and size that allows us to pay attention to every single mind that comes to our door.
We have course plans in place that allow us to manage our time along with your time well suiting it to the full time working individuals making sure they are both well utilized.

Health, safety and food

In our concept of progressive learning we are committed to providing whatever it takes to build the young one into a well thinking adult and in the quest to do so we our health safety and food measures make sure that your little ones are provided with every aspect of nutrition of body and soul.

So, the next time you are faced with the question of ‘how to choose a preschool for your child’, we can promise you can find the answers in the experiences of our alumnus and the parents we are still working with.

CHoose the reading for Your child's bright future

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