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About us

Developmental Preschool

Who we are ?

The Reading House started by helping children with Learning Disabilities through our Reading Programs.

We advocate for equal learning opportunities for all children. Our center believes that each child has its own learning style and the school should be the place where they can discover their own.

Developmental Preschool

How did we start?

The Reading House Preschool and Literacy Center is a brainchild of a couple, Teacher D and Mark, who both love reading growing up. Teacher D is a seasoned teacher and Mark is an executive in the line of sales and marketing in the IT industry.

As new parents, they want to pass onto their little one (and possibly more in the future ) their love for reading. Being a teacher of literacy, Teacher D had years of training and actual teaching of children who learn differently. This and the couple’s ever-growing appetite for reading gave birth to The Reading House.

How can we help Kids with Learning disabilities?

We chose to help kids who learn differently because we understand that each child learns differently . We believe that no child should be left behind in learning.

The Reading House consists of a community with a single goal, to produce students who are humane, socially aware, honest and critical thinkers. We maintain a close connection with families and society in order for our students to thrive with positive growth and development.

Developmental Preschool


To provide a Progressive Education as well as help Students with Learning Disabilities to become mindful and critical readers.

Developmental Preschool


To be able to produce students who are globally capable, aware and competitive

Developmental Preschool

Core Values

  • Passion
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledgeable, Caring Teachers
  • Customer Service
  • Advocacy

What is a Progressive School?

As a progressive elementary School, we here at the Reading House break free from the shackles of the private elementary school system and work around the concept of progressive learning. The focus of Progressive school is to advocate equal opportunities for all children and individual attention rather than a mass approach.

Here at the Reading house we work with the concept of something for everyone, and that each child has their own journey. We bring forward the concept of the teacher as a facilitator or a guide rather than the director of the learning process to help your child take the journey at the speed and direction they want.

The Reading House works to make it an establishment that is safe, secure, fun and dedicated completely to your child’s needs.

Developmental Preschool
Developmental Preschool

Literary Diagnosis

Crowned with the title of one of the most Progressive school in Manila, there are many things we do differently at the Reading House.

The first thing that we start with is the Literary Diagnosis to map out where exactly is your child placed in the learning curve. After understanding the current caliber of your kid we work forward along with you to aid them in this journey of education.

Developmental Preschool

Standardized assessment

Besides that we conduct standardized reading assessment to help keep a track on the progress of your child.

With our flexible and varied methods of education and our home like environment we can promise a better learning environment than any other private elementary school.

Developmental Preschool

potential to provide

With this concept of progressive elementary school, The Reading house works to its potential to provide your child the elements he/she needs to understand and tread along with our concept of progressive learning.

With our experienced specialists working with each child individually, we can provide what no other Literacy Center can.

Developmental Preschool

cognitive development

One of our major concerns is one the cognitive development in children, giving them the ability to think beyond their day to day self by opening them up to a world of literature, to books and to new ideas of how to perceive the things that go about in daily life. Another thing we concentrate on is the language development in the pre-schoolers.

Developmental Preschool

modern approach

With our modern approach to education and our various reading programs are designed in a way to suit children at all stages of development. This will not only help your child improve in the academic needs of education but will also find a lost love for the art of reading.

Developmental Preschool

physical development

While calling ourselves a developmental Preschool, our attention is not just limited to what happens inside the classroom but rather there is substantial work done on the pre-schoolers physical development as well.

overall development of every child

The Reading House is a developmental Preschool, where we work by the principle of something for every child. We work to achieve the overall development of every child, with a direction and a pace that the child decides on his/her own. Our curriculum is based on the child’s overall development, a complete package for your child to shine out of the rest but taken at the speed and level that they decide.

Language Arts



Creative Arts

Socio- Emotional

Motor Skills

social development and the socio-economic development

With 38 subjects and 57 thematic units, the one thing we can promise for your child is the all round development that will make him into a pro-active adult. When talking about something that gives us the edge over all the other schools, our attention to the social development and the socio-economic development of your child is what will take the prize. With our well trained staff providing a warm, safe and caring environment for your little ones, we specifically focus on developing the social skills among children from a young age which helps them take on the world with more confidence and vigour.

We work on a three C principle,

The first C is the Child centric part of our course, the entire course structure is based around individual child development instead of a mass approach.

The second C stands for Comprehensive teaching, covering on the lines of overall development to ensure that your child is looked after in every aspect of knowledge that they should possess.

The third and the last C refers to the importance of caring inculcated with the course of education and all the staff is well versed in creating a warm and welcoming environment for our children.

The last thing that we take care of in our developmental preschool is the emotional development of your child. We understand the requirement of a safe and welcoming place for a child to work to their best potential, and the Reading house complete with our diverse and well trained teachers and staff make sure that your child gets exactly that.

CHoose the reading for Your child's bright future

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