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Progressive Learning

Progressive Learning

Progressive Learning Has a Good Foundation for Your Child

Learning is a constant evolution of knowledge, undertaking the understanding of the things that you don’t know, and improving the base of education you have on the things you are familiar with. Though, every learning is the act of progression with information, what sets progressive learning apart is its pedagogical approach of valuing experience over learning facts. 

Progressive Learning

As good parents it is our duty to understand what is best for our children, before we let them go on the exploration of what is best for them and in a world of too many options it is not easy to know what is good and what is bad. 

As a progressive preschool, the Reading House is one of the premier institutions for childcare. We advocate for education to cross the classroom barrier and cover every aspect of childcare. Development in children is a crucial balance that needs to be covered at all bases to develop them into well-thinking adults. To help you understand the need for progressive learning for your child, let us explore the reasons why it is better than conventional education.

An All Rounded Approach to Education

One of the major benefits of progressive education is the understanding of learning to be beyond the four walls of the classroom. As a progressive learning institution we at the Reading House concentrate on four levels of learning for our young people; language, cognitive development, emotional development, and physical development. 

These four aspects of education make sure that the children can develop as well rounded adults who can be well adjusted in their life.

Enhancement of the Child’s Self-Esteem

One of the major aspects that progressive learning includes is a comfortable environment that provides children the space to express their emotions freely. One of the major drawbacks of mass education is the lack of expression and this is where the children develop inferiority. 

At the Reading House, we help develop the expressive minds with the help of our sharing sessions and safe environment.

Learning at an Individual Pace

We believe that contrary to the common notion, education is an individual journey. A path that a person covers alone, and we as a progressive learning institution provide your children just the chance for that. 

Our course structure provides the chance for children to find their own pace, both in learning and interacting. What we provide however, is the chance for them to find this pace and constant checks to monitor their progress.

Broadens Thinking and Motor Expression

One of the things that most conventional schools miss out on is the development of the thought process and physical skills of a child, two of the most important aspects of natural development in humans. As an affordable progressive school, we one-up them by caring for both our students and their parents. We have the platform necessary for your child to develop beyond the conventional concept of education.

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