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How to choose a progressive preschool in Manila?

Preschool is one of the most important aspects of development in a child’s growth at a young age and as a parent, it is considered to be your responsibility to find your child just the right one. Young children are in their most impressionable at this age, soaking up everything in their environment and our preschool in Manila provides everything that they need. 

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Before the commencement of institutionalized education, every child needs a rounded system of developmental learning that improves their cognitive and behavioral development

A progressive school is an institution that deals with concepts beyond the fixed structure of conventional institutionalized education. It is a school that concentrates on the mental, cognitive, behavioral, and physical development of the child along with the rudimentary focus on conceptual knowledge.

To aid you in choosing the perfect preschool in Manila, let us explore the features of the best schools and how the Reading House is the right choice for you.

Professionally Trained Teachers

No school can stand on any pedestal without the help of their staff, and we here at the Reading House are sure that we can depend on ours. With a professional degree in providing education and a genuine love for teaching our group of trained teachers to give your children the well-rounded education that they deserve. 

Brilliant Tools of Education

To aid your child’s development in these early years, our nursery school in Manila provides the best tools for the development of your child. With our state of the art smart classes and online videos, we take technology in our stride with the pursuit of education. 

Along with that, we host a series of mental and physical training programs dealing with technological help to fuel the development of young minds.

Well-rounded School Curriculum

Providing a space for the overall development of our children, we here at the Reading House, strongly advocate the necessity of a rounded education. We have planned our curriculum in a manner that covers the four main aspects of development at a young age including, language, cognitive development, motor development, and emotional development.

Along with that our journey with the technological world in education makes children feel comfortable with technology at a young impressionable age. 

Education at a Reasonable Price

While we do understand the need for education to be tailored to your child’s pace, we stand strictly against the concept of heavy payments for education. We as an institution advocate the right for education for each one without discrimination and to make it easier on your pockets, the Reading House stands as one of the most affordable Preschools in Manila.

Easily Accessible

We understand the plight of working parents, and thus understand the importance of accessibility. One of the best progressive schools in San Juan region, at the Reading House we provide comfort to both you and your kids. With our comfortable work hours and trained staff, we make sure that the educational experience is positive for both you and your child.

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