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Online Education for Kids

How To Access Online Education For Kids During Enhanced Community Quarantine

Are you worried about your kids’ education due to lock-down? Well, online education for kids has a solution to your problem.

COVID-19 has drastically impacted almost all sectors. The education sector is one of them. Learners of all ages, including kids, are affected. The education sector is compelled to introduce new methods to uphold the learning system. Offline education is shifting to online modes through online learning for kids.

This pandemic has barred students from going to school. Children are clueless regarding the effect of this development on them. Most of them are engrossed in games and cartoons. Learning is hampered due to discontinued education. They cannot go to their dance classes or any co-curricular classes. They get bored sitting idle all day. So, parents are moving towards online school for kids.

Draw The Attention Of Their Agile Mind

Children are fickle. They do not usually sit in one place for a long stretch. For the successful implementation of the structure of online learning for kids on your children, you have to drive their attention to homeschooling for kids. It may be difficult to make a kid sit at a place and focus on the screen.

Arouse An Eager Want In A Kid

To make children conscious about online education for kids try to arouse the will to learn within them. Make sure they are willing to sit and learn. This will help them to remember things in the long run. Because unlike offline education in online classes for kids teachers will not be looking after throughout. So, children should inculcate curiosity in themselves to learn new things. No other way is better than a child himself willing to learn.

Online learning for kids ensures a self-learning process in them. They let students learn according to their own convenience.

Online Education for Kids

So, here we will know some ways to access e-learning for children. The only way out of this rising problem is by introducing new activities and learning structures through online education for kids.

Online Activities

Teachers or parents can use different activities to keep their kids busy. Activities are an easy and effective way of learning. Example of online education for kids in the form of activities is mentioned below:

How To Know Shapes?

A teacher can ask the parent to make snacks of a different shape. Start digital learning for kids video classes in which each kid will have their shapes. A teacher has to ask children to eat a particular shape like triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, etc. This activity will help children to have fun and know shapes. It will work as the online pre K programs. They will not be bored and enjoy the class. This is one of the ways for online education for kids.

Online Classes

Different tools for easy access to online preschool are mentioned below. This will ensure distance learning for kids.

  • Reading Eggs

Reading eggs is one of the best tools to enhance the vocabulary and reading skills of kids. Even a two-year-old can start learning about how words sound and understand the phonics of the word. They can identify letters and sounds through games and videos. This makes reading eggs interesting for kids. It is a great example of an online school for kids. 

By 3 years of age, they can know phonics better and develop good vocabulary and reading skills. Online learning for kids can inculcate great reading habits in them.

  • ABCmouse

This tool is developed for 2 year-olds to 8 year-olds. It consists of various subjects such as science, maths, arts, etc. It rewards kids for better performance which maintains the enthusiasm of kids. There are many activities under digital learning for kids programs. They have lessons to keep kids engaged and informed. Games, animations, puzzles, and songs are used to teach children. This tool works like an online preschool.

  • Curious World

This tool also helps to develop and polish kids’ reading skills from ages 2 to 7 years old. It is an effective method for distance learning for kids. It includes many characters and helps to personalize it according to the kids’ preference. This will ensure great online education for kids.

  • National Geographic Kids

This tool is useful for children aged 3 to 14 years old. As the name suggests, it helps a kid to know about the geography of the world through games and videos. It is one of the best ways under online pre K programs. This tool will help your kid have different countries, their cultures, history, and governments on their fingertips. Hence, it will enhance the experience of online learning for kids.

  • Funbrain

It has computer games to make learning fun. It has a specially-designed section for kindergarten kids.

  • CoolMath4kids

This tool helps to develop kids’ mathematical skills. It has brain teasers and puzzles which will help to exercise their brain and develop their thinking skills. This is meant for kids under 12 years of age. It makes math fun. It will make online learning for kids cool.

  • Highlight Kids

It aims to make learning enjoyable with jokes, videos, and games. It is meant for kids from 6 to 12 years of age. This tool ensures easy yet knowledgeable methods for online preschool. 

  • Brainpop

It helps children from kindergarten to third grade. It focuses on the development of their learning skills as well as thinking skills. It contains science, maths, technology, and engineering, commonly called STEM activities, as well as social sciences and arts. It also teaches programming in a fun way. This is a full package for homeschooling for kids.

  • PBS Kids

This free tool helps a kid to become curious and develop their thinking skills and imagination. It uses different characters like Daniel Tiger and The Cat In The Hat to create interest in kids. Kids will love interacting with these characters. This ensures creative online education for kids.

Some websites to access e-learning for kids are mentioned below:

  • E-Learning For Kids

This free e-learning tool helps kids from kindergarten up to class 6 to learn new lessons. It is like an online school for kids. It provides content related to many subjects such as maths, science, computers, language, etc. It is a great tool to learn various topics, answering natural phenomena in a scientific way. It helps a kid to know about nature.

  • Khan Academy

This is one of the highest-ranked free e-learning sources. It is the best way to ensure a productive homeschooling for kids. It covers science, maths, social science, programming, etc. The special feature of Khan Academy is its dashboard. Here you can see and analyze the performance of your kid. There is a vast collection of subjects, so you can know the interest of your kid and take further steps to strengthen it. You can guide your kid in their weak areas. They teach content in the form of games and videos. This makes learning fun and attracts kids. This tool is one of the best ways to experience digital learning for kids.

  • Duolingo For Schools

This tool will help your kid to know, learn, and excel in different languages. Your kid might be interested in learning multiple languages. It uses games to fascinate kids and develop an interest in them to learn new languages. This will definitely be more beneficial than watching a cartoon for hours and will ensure effective online learning for kids.

  • Scratch And Scratch Jr.

Now, this term may be new for kids. Coding is usually not taught to kids. But, you never know, your kid may be interested in coding. This is one of the best online learning for kids.

Moreover, according to researchers, kids aged more than 4.5 years can learn to program and code. So, this tool helps them to explore the basics of programming through toys like KIDO robotics.

  • Everyday Mathematics

This is one of the tools developed for online pre-k programs. It helps a kid to excel in mathematical concepts.

Apart from these tools and activities, you can opt for distance learning for kids. This will help your kid have the same environment as a school.

E-learning – An Exciting Educational Platform

Kids may be missing their school friends and fun activities. You can adapt e-learning to make it fun as well as knowledgeable for them. Some ways are:

  • Virtual Educational Trip

Who doesn’t love trips? Kids also love to explore new places. This is a great way to make online classes for kids an interesting platform. Teachers and parents can decide on and manage a virtual educational trip for the kid. It could be anywhere like a zoo, museum, etc. You can make a 3-D video and play it during online classes for kids. For a better experience, you can take the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies. It helps to give kids a 360° view of a place. This will awe kids and keep them interested.

  • Online Discussion Tools

Here, kids can acknowledge their friends and ask questions. This will motivate them to think and raise questions in their minds. Their friend may ask a question which will further make kids curious. This is one of the methods to have good online education for kids.

Benefits Of E-Learning

E-learning is a savior during the lockdown! Your child can continue to be a curious and knowledgeable kid in this period. This will keep your kid busy. E-learning focuses on fun learning. This will increase interest in your kid about the subject. You do not have to handle the constant nagging of kids. They may grow up to be experts in a certain field. Online learning for kids is the best way in this lockdown to teach your kid. There are many benefits of e-learning with little harm. Your kid may have to spend time on screen. But you can restrict usage for long hours and allow specified time.


Here we acknowledged different ways to access e-learning for kids. All the ways are beneficial and safe. These websites and tools take proper care to maintain your privacy. These are some of the best ways for online education for kids. This will ensure all-round learning for them.

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